World Youth Skills Day


The United Nations observes 15 July every year as World Youth Skills Day. This year the UN’s observance of the World Youth Skills Day will shed light on the mechanisms needed to operationalize lifelong learning and raise awareness about the importance of youth skills development.

  • The United Nations, at its General Assembly in November 2014, declared 15 July as World Youth Skills Day. WorldSkills is proud to be part of a global recognition and promotion of skills.
  • During the week of 15 July, in celebration of World Youth Skills Day, WorldSkills will have exhibition space at the United Nations High-level Political Forum at the New York headquarters. 
  • Since it was first suggested in the Strategy Committee, WorldSkills International has pursued a World Skills Day but, once connections were made with the UN in New York, WorldSkills International fully supported the proposal of Sri Lanka for a World Skills Youth Day.