World Day for International Justice


World Day for International Justice is also known as International Criminal Justice Day or International Justice Day is observed annually on 17th July to recognize the emerging system of international criminal justice.

  • On 1st June 2010, the Review Conference of the Rome Statute which was held in Kampala (Uganda) and the Assembly of the State Parties decided to celebrate 17 July as the International Criminal Justice Day.
  • This day is the anniversary of the adoption of the Rome Statute in 1998. With the help of this treaty, the International Criminal Court (ICC) was established. Since 1998, 139 countries have signed the Court’s treaty and nearly 80 States, representative of every region of the world, have ratified it.
  • The objective of the day is to unite everyone who wants to support justice as well as promote victims rights & to help prevent serious crimes and those that put the peace, security, and well-being of the world at risk.