Turkey unveiled world’s largest airport in Istanbul


The world’s largest airport was unveiled by Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan outside Istanbul. The new 11.7 billion USD airport will be one of the world’s busiest, though it will not be fully operational until January. The name of the new airport will be Istanbul Airport.

The airport uses mobile applications and artificial intelligence for customers, is energy efficient and boasts of a high-tech security system.The airport’s interiors pay homage to Turkish and Islamic designs and its tulip-shaped air traffic control tower won the 2016 International Architecture Award.

The new airport, located on the shores of the Black Sea, will be able to handle 90 million passengers a year and can be expanded to accommodate as many as 200 million. For the first two months, however, it will be used for just a few flights within Turkey and to Azerbaijan and northern Cyprus.

At the initial phase, five takeoffs and five landings will take place at the airport. It is expected that a daily 2,000 planes will go through the airport by the end of the year to over 350 destinations by over 250 carriers. When the construction of all the phases is complete, the airport will have six runways.