Pranav R Mehta Became 1st Indian to Head Global Solar Council


A visionary in the field of Solar Energy and the chairman of National Solar Energy Federation, Pranav R Mehta, has taken over as the president of Global Solar Council (GSC). He has become the first Indian to head the GSC.

Global Solar Council :

The Global Solar Council (GSC) was launched on December 6, 2015, following the historic United Nations Climate Change Conference (UN COP 21). The GSC came into being as International Coalition of more than 30 nations, utilising maximum solar energy, decided to harness the renewable energy for the greater good. 

Mr Mehta has been invited by over 15 countries in the last two years to share his vision and experience in India’s impressive solar growth. The visionary started his solar journey way back in 2006 when India was at Zero Megawatts solar capacity and is credited with having played a catalytic and pivotal role in opinion building, emphasis and awareness about the importance of solar energy, integrating the efforts of all solar energy stakeholders including government and private sector as well as the intellectual inputs.