Operation Sudarshan launched by BSF to fortify the anti-infiltration grid along Pakistan border


The operation, code named ‘Sudarshan’ was launched by the Border Security Force (BSF) to fortify Anti-Infiltration Grid along the Pakistan border in Punjab and Jammu. The massive exercise commenced on July 1, 2019.

  • The exercise is named ‘Sudarshan’ drawing from the legendary and mythological cutting wheel or the ‘sudarshan chakra’ on Lord Krishna’s finger.
  • It will cover over 1,000-kms length of the India-Pakistan International Border. Jammu shares about 485-kms of the International border with Pakistan, about 553-kms of the front is in Punjab and on India’s western flank with Rajasthan and Gujarat.
  • The commanders of the force will prepare their watch towers and sentry posts better, replenish arms and ammunition dumps, strengthen artillery positions, check and plug border fence breaches, detect underground and cross-border tunnels and make all operational and logistical arrangements to strengthen the vigil along the sensitive and infiltration-prone border.
  • The Union Home Ministry will go through the final report of the operation. After the scrutiny, sanctions will be made to procure gadgets, equipment and infrastructure that is required to plug gaps and strengthen border management.