NITI Aayog inked agreement with Piramal Foundation


The policy think tank of India, NITI Ayog has entered into an agreement with Piramal Foundation. According to the statement of intent(SoI) NITI Ayog and Piramal will work to transform the healthcare, education and nutrition in “Aspirational Districts”. The objective will be fulfilled with the help of District Collectors and key officers of “Aspirational Districts”.

  • During the four years of collaboration, Piramal Foundation will work in with the district administration, State Prabhari Officers, Central Prabhari Officers, state government and concerned Central ministries to improving the identified indicators. The six socio-economic parameters are pertaining to health and nutrition, education, financial inclusion and skill development, agriculture and water resources and basic infrastructure.
  • The focus will be on strengthening the existing public systems specifically in the health and nutrition and education sectors. 
  • Piramal Foundation will provide support to focus on leadership development, change management, technology integration and implementing various innovative practices.
  • The collaboration is for a duration of four years, with the option to continue, based on mutual agreement.

The Centre has commenced a major policy initiative for rapid transformation of 115 districts that are lagging on specific development parameter. Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked collectors and officers-in-charge of the 115 aspirational districts to come up with pioneering innovations to achieve visible results for development by April 14, the birth anniversary of B R Ambedkar.