Neha Dixit was awarded the 2019 International Press Freedom Award


The Indian journalist Neha Dixit was awarded the 2019 International Press Freedom Award by the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ). She has covered gender, politics, and social justice in print, TV, and online media for more than a decade. The award recognized her investigation that shed a light on important issues in the country, including extrajudicial killings by police, in 2019.

  • Other journalists who received the award are Lucia Pineda Ubau and Miguel Mora from Nicaragua, Maxence Melo Mubyazi from Tanzania, Patricia Campos Mello from Brazil, Zafar Abbas from Pakistan.
  • Neha Dixit is an Indian journalist. She writes form investigative reports on gender, politics and social justice in South Asia. She has authored many books including The Girl Not From Madras, First Hand: Graphic Non-fiction from India, Shadow Lines. She was awarded the Chameli Devi Jain Award for Outstanding Woman Journalist for 2016. It is the highest award for women journalists in India. She has also received the Young Journalist Award by Thomson Foundation, Lorenzo Natali Award by the European Commission, News Television Awards, UNFPA Laadli Award, Anupama Jayaraman Award.
  • The award was instituted by Committee to Protect Journalists in 1991. The award honours journalists who show courage in defending press freedom despite attacks, threats, or imprisonment. The first honorees of the award are Bill Foley and Cary Vaughan from US, Pius Njawe from Cameroon, Wang Juntao and Chen Ziming from China, Tatyana Mitkova from Russia and Byron Barrera from Guatemala.