Navy’s first new stealth frigate INS ‘Nilgiri’ launched


Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has launched stealth frigate INS Nilgiri on 28th September 2019. INS Nilgiri was the lead ship of her class of frigates. Commissioned on 3 June 1972 into the Indian Navy, she was decommissioned in 1996. INS Nilgiri was the first major warship built in India keel up.

  • INS Nilgiri is the first ship of Project17A to be launched.
  • It is the 1st seven new stealth frigates of the Indian Navy with upgraded weapons, sensors and features.
  • The effort is made avoid disruption of seaborne trade due to terrorism, piracy or conflict.
  • 70% of India’s trade by value and 95% by volume is taking place through the sea route and the strategic effort to safeguard the route is been made through INS Nilgiri.
  • Indian Ocean region is the epicentre of activity and plays a big role in the geopolitical and geostrategic dimension.
  • Project 17A frigates has much more advanced stealth features from its design derivative of the Shivalik class stealth frigates.