National Press Day 2019


National Press Day 2019 has observed across India on November 16. This day is observed on this day every year. PM Narendra Modi tweeted that he appreciates the hard work of media persons that shapes national and international discourse.

• National Press Day is celebrated every year on 16 November. The day marks the presence of an independent and responsible press in India.
• The media is called the fourth pillar of democracy. It is said that journalists are a mirror of society, which brings out the truth even in adverse circumstances.
• This day symbolizes freedom of the press and its responsibilities towards the society. The Press Council of India started functioning on this day.
• Today, around 50 countries in the world have the Press Council or Media Council.
• The Press Council of India is an autonomous body to exercise authority even over the instruments of the state in its duty to safeguard the independence of the press.

Press Council of India was established on November 16, 1966. It is a statutory and quasi-judicial institution. The Press Council of India ensures the independent work and high standards of the press in India. It also ensures that the press in India is not affected by any external matter.