Mumbai ranks 47th on global ‘city wealth index’: Report


According to the independent global property consultancy Knight Frank’s Wealth Report 2018, Mumbai ranked 47th on the “city wealth index” among 314 cities in the world. The “city wealth index” is drawn from four major indicators — wealth, investments, lifestyle and future.

Mumbai ranks 16th among the top 20 costliest cities in the world, according to the Knight Frank Wealth Report 2018. The rise in Indian financial capital’s ranking on this count is supported by the rapid wealth creation in the country.

The index is drawn from four major indicators: wealth, investments, lifestyle and future. Guangzhou, a city in China, tops the list with property prices appreciating by 27.4% in the last one year.

Property investment was amongst the lowest (17%) contributing factor that led to an increase in wealth amongst Indians compared with 30% for Asia and 50% globally.

Mumbai ranks among Top 20 with Delhi at 22nd and Bengaluru at 26th positions, respectively.