Mohammad Shtayyeh named as new Palestinian Prime Minister


Mohammad Shtayyeh was named as the new Prime Minister of Palestine by the President of Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas. Shtayyeh, a long time ally of the Abbas, is the member of the central committee of the President’s Fatah party. He was received by the President at his office on March 10 and asked to form the new government. Shtayyeh replaces Rami Hamdallah, who had been prime minister since 2014.

Mohammad Shtayyeh :

 Born in Nablus in the West Bank in 1958, Shtayyeh was nine years old when Israel seized the territory during the Six-Day War, an occupation that continues even now.

• Shtayyeh studied at Birzeit University in the West Bank, completed a Ph.D. in development at Sussex University in Britain and then returned to the Palestinian territory in the late 1980s.

• Shtayyeh has spent much of his life working alongside Abbas. He is a political moderate and a strong supporter of the two-state solution, which calls for the creation of an independent Palestinian state alongside Israel.

• He has been part of a number of Palestinian negotiating teams in the United States-brokered talks with Israel.

The Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has recently been in conflict with US President Donald Trump’s administration.Abbas froze ties with the United States after the US President declared Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and shifted its embassy there.