Microsoft launched “ElectionGuard” for secure voting


Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella has announced the launch of “ElectionGuard”, a free open-source Software Development Kit (SDK) to help nations to carry out secure and verifiable voting.

  • Developed by Galois, “ElectionGuard” is a supplement to paper ballots.
  • It is verifiable as it allows the voters and third-party organizations to verify election results.
  • “ElectionGuard” provides a voter a unique code.
  • During the process of voting, voters have an optional step which allows them to track their votes from the moment he/she casts it, after the voter has verified the selections are correct to the final step of counting the votes.
  • It does not work with vote-by-mail systems and is not designed to work with internet voting schemes as it can be easily hacked.
  • In terms of security, “ElectionGuard” uses Homomorphic encryption which enables mathematical procedures.