Meeta Narain was conferred the ‘Pushkin Medal 2019’


JNU Professor Meeta Narain was conferred the ‘Pushkin Medal – 2019’. This award is the highest honour given to an Indian scholar by the Russian government.

She was awarded the medal at an event organised at the Russian Center for Science and Culture . The award was given to Narain for her contribution to Russian studies abroad. Narain has contributed towards re-writing of Russian studies textbooks for graduate students after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Her work gave a contemporary flavour to the textbooks, which are now being used in departments of Russian language studies at various universities of India, in many former Soviet nation institutes, Europe, the US and other countries.

The Pushkin Medal was instituted in the name of famous Russian author and poet Alexander S. Pushkin. Only a few Indian scholars have received this medal since its inception in 1999. One among them is Kerala poet O.N.V. Kurip, who had received it in 2015.