Mastercard launched ‘Identity Check Express’ for uninterrupted secured online transactions


American multinational financial services corporation, Mastercard has launched a next-generation, mobile-first authentication solution, called “Identity Check Express” that will help customers to do uninterrupted secured transactions while shopping online.

  • The authentication process is launched for Indian consumers to eliminate friction and enhance security in online payments.
  • The Identity Check Express was first displayed at the Global MasterCard Cybersecurity Summit.
  • The initiative has been taken as it was found that about 20% of mobile e-commerce transactions are abandoned mid-way, in an analysis done by MasterCard.
  • To provide an uninterrupted mobile payment experience, the MasterCard Identity Check Express includes the latest EMV 3-D Secure and FIDO authentication standards, device intelligence, and behavioural biometrics.
  • Onetime merchant-specific consent will be shared under the Identity Check Express, to offer a frictionless payment experience to MasterCard cardholders at leading merchants for an amount less than Rs 2,000.
  • The cardholders will be authenticated with a PIN for transactions greater than Rs 2,000.