Maharashtra launched website and app to analyze drought situation


The Maharashtra Government has launched a website and an application ‘Maha Madat’ for collectively analysing the rainfall, crop situation and underground water level using modern technology.

The Website and app will help in accurate analysis of drought-like situation in villages of the state.

  • The website has been created by the Relief and Rehabilitation Ministry with the help of the Maharashtra Remote Sensing Application Centre (MRSAC).
  • The Region is declared as Drought based on the two criteria laid down by the Centre in 2016 they are,
  1. Drought can be declared if a region does not receive rain for a span of 21 days.
  2. Drought can be declared based on the humidity of the soil, the situation of crops and the level of groundwater.
  • After the Launch,the State’s Rehabilitation and Relief Minister Chandrakant Patil said, 201 talukas in the state haven’t received rain for 21 continuous days which satisfies the first Criteria and the Study for the Second Criteria is in the Process and the state will declare the drought affected area soon.