Maharashtra Govt launches online portals MahaDBT, MahaVASTU


Maharashtra Government has launched two online portals MahaDBT and MahaVASTU to streamline the process of direct benefit transfer (DBT) and to bring in more transparency in construction sector. With this, Maharashtra became first state in the country to launch such a system that will provide direct benefits with Aadhaar authentication.

MahaDBT portal :

 It is an Aadhaar-authenticated electronic mechanism that will enable direct transfer of benefits for over 40 schemes currently implemented by state’s various departments.

 It is based on Union Government’s DBT scheme and Aadhaar will be mandatory to claim benefits through this portal.

 It will help to speed up transfer of benefits and ensure transparency by minimising human intervention.


MahaVASTU portal : 

 MahaVASTU is an Online Building Permission Management System with an electronic workflow for sanctioning building approvals with full transparency.

 It will bring all building permission processes online with zero human intervention in all municipal corporations.