IOC restored Russia’s Olympic Membership


International Olympic Committee (IOC) has restored Russia’s Olympic membership with immediate effect following its suspension from the Winter Olympics at Pyeongchang in South Korea.

Russia was banned from February’s Games by the IOC over state-sponsored doping. Before closing ceremony of Winter Olympics, the IOC had stated that the ban would be lifted, as long as there were no more anti-doping violations.

The country was banned from the Pyeongchang Olympics after widespread doping was uncovered yet the International Olympic Committee approved a team of 168 athletes competing as “neutrals”.

Russia were banned from competing at the Olympics in December last year, a belated reaction to a report authored by the Canadian lawyer Richard McClaren in 2016, which exposed a massive state-run doping operation. They were not allowed to march under their own flag in South Korea, nor was their national anthem played at medal ceremonies.