International Day of Vesak


The UN General Assembly, by its resolution 54/115 of 1999, internationally recognized the Day of Vesak on 18th May, 2019 to acknowledge the contribution that Buddhism has made for eons and still continues to make for humanity.

  • Vesak is celebrated by millions of Buddhists worldwide on the day of May that has the first full Moon.
  • It was on the Day of Vesak, around 2.5 millennia ago, in 623 B.C., Buddha was born at Lumbini Grove. It was also on the Day of Vesak that the Buddha attained enlightenment under a Bodhi Tree (Peepal tree), and it was also on the Day of Vesak that the Buddha in his 80th year passed away. Thus, the Day of Vesak marks the 3 major events of Buddha’s life.
  • The Day of Vesak day is commemorated annually at the (United Nations) UN Headquarters and other UN offices.
  • The International Buddhist Conference, held in Sri Lanka in November 1998 had notified that the Day of Vesak would be commemorated by the UN every year.
  • On May 18, Buddha Purnima, also known as Buddha Day or Buddha Jayanti is celebrated.
  • This day is mainly observed by Buddhists and some Hindus in Asian nations including India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Tibet, Bangladesh, and Bhutan.
  •  On this day of Vesak, UN-Secretary General Antonio Guterres had called for commitment to build world peace.