India ranked 82 in the 2019 World Giving Index


India ranked 82 spots among the 128 countries surveyed in the World Giving Index (WGI). The average figures for India over the past decade show that 34 per cent people helped a stranger, 24 per cent donated money and 19 per cent volunteered or donated their time. According to the WGI, the USA stood at the top followed Myanmar, New Zealand and Australia.

The survey was conducted by CAF over the past decade, 2009 to 2018. The survey covered 1.3 million people worldwide. As per the WGI report, India showed that 34% of people helped a stranger, 24% donated money, and 19% volunteered or donated their time. 

India’s ranking might not be representing the exact ranking as much of the giving is informal, and the survey might have missed many. India remains unorganized and informal. In India, giving is viewed as a community/ religious obligation. It needs to be more strategic so that philanthropy will create a strong and healthy economy.