India ranked 6th in global RTI rating


According to the RTI rating by Access Info Europe and the Centre for Law and Democracy, India ranked at 6th position out of 123 countries, after a downfall of 4 positions from the previous year. The survey was carried by Transparency International India.

India got a score of 128 out of 150. India performed worst under the section “Sanctions and Protections”, scoring just above 60 percent points. It scored just above 80% failing in 5 sections namely-
Scope of the RTI Act, requesting procedures, exceptions and refusals and measures taken to promote the Act.

It shows that India doesn’t provide protection for whistleblowers. It further stated that the Indian legal framework also does not allow access to information held by private entities which perform a public function, and several of the law’s exclusions, including for information received in confidence from a foreign government, cabinet papers and parliamentary privilege, are also problematic.Among other countries, Afghanistan topped the chart with a score of 139 out of 150 whereas, Austria scored lowest with just 33 points.In India, total RTIs filed in 2017 were: 66.6 lakh, out of which, 4.8 lakh were rejected. Total number of second appeals were 18.5 lakh and total penalty imposed by CIC is 1.9 crore. The top 5 are: Afghanistan, Mexico, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Slovenia.