India ranked 28th in the 2018 Government E-Payments Adoption Ranking (GEAR)


In the 2018 Government E-Payments Adoption Ranking (GEAR), compiled by The Economist Intelligence Unit commissioned by payments company Visa ranked India as 28th country to progress in the digital transformation journey.

  • The survey is a 73-country ranking survey with Norway leading the pack followed by France and Denmark.
  • India moved up to 28th in 2018, from 36th in 2011.
  • It holds the top ranking on B2G and G2B, and comes third on C2G jointly with Argentina.
  • India leads the B2G category, along with other countries like Australia, Singapore and South Korea.
  • India ranks third in the C2G category, along with four other countries, while France and the UAE top the list.
  • India ranks 25th in the G2C category.
  • India is at the 58th place for digital infrastructure and 60th among the 73 countries surveyed on socio-economic development.
  • On political context on protecting intellectual property rights, India ranks 40th.

The B2G category evaluates the ease with which businesses can calculate and make their tax payments, register for the first time, as well as renew their registrations online and digitally calculate their pension fund contributions, thereby making those payments on a periodic basis. The C2G category evaluates the extent to which citizens can complete various transactions electronically.