India ranked 11 in Climate Change Performance Index


The Climate Change Performance Index was released on the sidelines of COP24 Un Summit in Katowice, Poland. The index was produced by the New Climate Institute, Climate Action Network and Germanwatch.

  • No countries were in the top three ranks because none did well in all categories assessed.
  • But among the league of nations, Sweden topped as the 4th country (for the second time as on 2017) followed by Morocco in the 5th position.
  • The European Union as a whole rose from 21st to 16th place.
  • But Germany fell from 22nd to 27th because of its reliance on lignite coal, a big source of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • U.S. dropped from 56th to 59th place due to high emissions and poor ratings for the federal government’s policies.
  • The bottom 5 consisted of: Saudi Arabia (60), US (59), Iran (58), Korea (57), Chinese Taipei (56).
  • India ranked 11th and other neighbouring countries of India ranked the following: China (33). Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Myanmar were not assessed.

The evaluation was done on 56 countries and the European Union (EU) and the countries were categorised into 6 color-coded section.They were as per the rankings in the list:

  • Very High color-coded ‘Dark Green’,
  • High color-coded ‘Light Green’,
  • Medium color-coded ‘Light Yellow’,
  • Low color-coded ‘Dark Yellow’,
  • Very Low color-coded ‘Dark Red’,
  • Not assessed color-coded ‘White’.