Home Ministry Announced New ‘Sardar Patel National Unity Award’


The union home ministry announced a new honour on the Padma awards pattern named theSardar Patel National Unity Award to individuals and persons for promoting national unity and integrity. The award was first instituted by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in December 2018. The name of the recipients of the award will be maintained under President’s direction and published in Gazette of India.

  • Any person irrespective of race, occupation, sex is eligible for the award. It may also be given posthumously only in highly deserving and rase case scenarios.
  • The decoration will be in shape of lotus leaf, with length 6cms and breadth 2cms. The decoration which will be made of fine silver and gold would be of thickness 4mm. On the other side of the medal, replica of lotus with petals will be embossed. ‘Sardar Patel National Unity Award’ will also be written in Hindi.
  • Patel’s portrait will be embossed on a circular shaped gold metal of 2cm diameter, with the reverse side embossed with state emblem and motto in hindi. The inscription will be in gold and the emblem, lotus and petals will be in silver plated with gold.
  • The president has the right to cancel the award to any person, and in such case, that person’s name will be erased from the register and he/she or the institution/organisation would have to surrender the award back.