Hicky’s Bengal Gazette ; India’s first newspaper


Journalists and social activists celebrated 238th anniversary of India’s first newspaper the Hicky’s Bengal Gazette. 29 January is also celebrated Hicky’s Day to pay tributes to the fighter-journalist James Augustus Hicky who is considered as founder of journalism in India.

Hicky’s Bengal Gazette (Original Calcutta General Advertiser) was an English language weekly newspaper published in Kolkata (then Calcutta), the then capital of British India. It was founded by James Augustus Hicky. It began publication on January 29, 1780 and was published for two years.

 It was the first newspaper printed in Asia. The newspaper in its time was strong critic of administration of Governor General Warren Hastings. It was important for its provocative journalism well before its time and its fight for free expression in India.

 It was the first newspaper printed in Asia, and was published for two years, before the East India Company seized the newspaper’s types and printing press. Founded by James Augustus Hicky, a highly eccentric Irishman who had previously spent two years in jail for debt, the newspaper was a strong critic of the administration of the Governor General Warren Hastings.