Global Liveability Index 2019


The 2019 “Global Liveability Index” prepared by the Economist Intelligence Unit(EIU) has ranked Delhi at the 118th spot which is a drop by 6 places from 112th spot (biggest decline registered in Asia) in its previous report due to an increase in crime, poor air quality, and worsening climate conditions. Mumbai also dropped by two places to rank at 119th spot this year.

  • The list was topped by Vienna, the capital of Austria for the second consecutive time whereas Damascus, the capital of Syria was ranked last becoming the least liveable city at 140th position. Russia’s St. Petersburg topped the list among BRICS nations at 71st spot.
  • While New Delhi was given a score of 56.3, Mumbai with 56.2, top-ranked Vienna scored 99.1 and least-ranked Damascus (Syria) got only 30.7 points.
  • The World Health Organisation(WHO) has reported New Delhi in the 6th place for an annual mean concentration of fine particulate matter around the world in the 2018 Global Air Quality Index which also led to downgrading in its current liveable cities ranking.