Gafur Rakhimov elected as AIBA president


Gafur Rakhimov , an Uzbek businessman, was elected president of International Boxing Association (AIBA) , the amateur boxing federation. He replaced previous president CK Wu.

Gafur Rakhimov :

He won 86 out of 134 second-round votes against his only opponent, former boxer Serik Konakbayev. He was a former boxer and coach and has been involved in AIBA since 1995. In January 2018, he became AIBA Interim President. Rahimov was awarded with the Honorary Order of the Olympic Council of Asia in 2003, after being a member of its Council since 1999. In 2008, he also won the ANOC Merit Award for his involvement in the Olympic Family.

International Boxing Association (AIBA) :

The International Boxing Association or AIBA, originally the Association Internationale de Boxe Amateur, is a sportorganization that sanctions amateur (Olympic-style) boxing matches and awards world and subordinate championships. Recently, AIBA has been trying to build its own semi-professional version of boxing, where boxers would retain their Olympic eligibility, through the team tournament league known as World Series of Boxing and AIBA Pro Boxing.