First indigenous fuel cell system launched


President Ram Nath Kovind, unveiled the first Indigenous High Temperature Fuel Cell System on the occasion of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) Foundation Day.

  • The Fuel cell system is developed by CSIR in partnership with Indian industries under India’s flagship program named “New Millennium Indian Technology Leadership Initiative (NMITLI)”.
  • The fuel cell generates 5.0 kW power in a green manner using methanol / bio-methane.
  • The cell amounts to greater than 70% efficiency, which may not be possible by other energy sources.
  • The system of the cell is based on High Temperature Proton Exchange Membrane (HTPEM) Technology.

The areas of use of the fuel cell are:

    • Distributed stationary power applications like; for commercial units, data centres, small offices, etc.
    • Backup power generator for telecom towers, remote locations and strategic applications.
  • The development would help in replacing Diesel Generating (DG) sets and reduce India’s dependence on crude oil.