Chandrima Shaha the 1st woman president of INSA


Chandrima Shaha is set to be the 1st woman president of the Indian National Science Academy. Her tenure will begin from January 2020. Chandrima Shaha was formerly the Director of the National Institute of Immunology, Delhi.

Chandrima Shaha is an Indian biologist, currently Professor of Eminence at the National Institute of Immunology. She is the former Director of the Institute. She is President – Elect of the Indian National Science Academy (2020-2022). She was the Vice President (International) of the Indian National Science Academy (2016-2018) She is an elected fellow of the World Academy of Sciences.

The Indian National Science Academy in New Delhi is the apex body of Indian scientists representing all branches of science and technology. The Indian National Science Academy promotes science and its use in India. It was originally established in 1935 and was known as the ‘National Institute of Sciences of India’ until the present name was adopted in 1970.The Government of India recognised it in 1945 as the premier scientific society representing all branches of science in India.