2019 Nobel prize : Chemistry


The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (RSAS) has awarded the 2019 Nobel Prize in the field of chemistry to John B Goodenough (97), M Stanley Whittingham (77) and Akira Yoshino (71) for their pivotal role in making lithium ion batteries. The trio shares the prize money of 9 million kronor.

  • Akira Yoshino is a Japanese chemist. He is also the inventor of the lithium ion batteries. Goodenough is an American professor and the first person to get a Nobel at such an age of 97.
  • The previous record-holder was Arthur Ashkin, who won the Physics Nobel in 2018 at 96. Goodenough doubled the lithium battery’s potential, creating the right conditions for a vastly more powerful and useful battery. In addition M Stanley Whittingham is an British–American chemist and currently a professor at Binghamton University,New York, US (United States). He eliminates pure lithium from the battery.
  • Nobel Prize is a set of annual international awards bestowed for outstanding work in the fields of physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature, economics, and the promotion of peace.
  • A total of 110 awards were given in the field of chemistry from 1901 to 2018. Of these, 181 people were given this award. Madame Marie Curie became the first scientist to receive two Nobel Prizes (1903 Nobel Prize in Physics and the 1911 Nobel Prize in Chemistry).